Lunch on the go!

Edition One

The first thing I struggled with when I found out I had Coeliac Disease, was what I could eat for lunch if I was out and about. With working full time and occasionally being out of the office or even not in the mood to make lunch the night before, I set out on a mission very early on to find lunchtime items that were safe for me to eat!

Below are a few of my favourites that I have found, where they are from and roughly how much they’ve cost.

Marks and Spencers have a great Gluten Free lunch range! And with one so close to work, it is definitely my go to if I’m feeling a little treat! This is their Peri Peri chicken wrap which is roughly around £3.50 on its own. Unfortunately despite having such a great range, they don’t include their sandwiches and wraps in their meal deal.

Back to the positives they have; Cheese and Ham sandwich, Prawn Mayo Sandwich, Chicken and Avocado Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Duck and Hoisin Sauce Wrap and that’s only the ones I can remember!

Buying lunch from Boots is always great as they include their Gluten Free range in the Meal Deal which is around £3.50! Bargarama!!

This is a personal fav of mine! They also do a chicken salad sandwich, cheese ploughman’s sandwich, prawn paella and chicken pasta salad. They have a range of snacks from this delicious salted caramel crunch to Deliciously Ella, Popchips and Proper Corn.

Sainsbury’s again unfortunately don’t include their Gluten Free Sandwiches and Wraps in their Meal Deal, however their sandwiches are one of my favourites!

This is their basic cheese and tomato sandwich which is around £3 and hands down it is up in my top three! I love a classic sandwich and this is the only one of its kind I’ve found (at the moment – I am always on the look out). They also do a BLT, also costs about £3, which is a delicious sandwich. I’ve only found their Chicken Caesar wrap and personally it isn’t for me, but even before finding out I was Coeliac I wasn’t a massive fan of Caesar salads.

with love

The Unlucky Coeliac xo

Author: theunluckycoeliac

I’m you’re average 20-something year old who just happens to have Coeliac Disease, Fibromyalgia and Severe Hypermobility Syndrome. Blogging has been a passion of mine since I was 14 years old, and I made the transition in 2019 away from music to something a little more personal. Which is how I became The Unlucky Coeliac! I am passionate about sharing my experiences with Coeliac Disease, Invisible Disabilities, Life and being a Mother!

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